What are Corporate Videos and why do we need them?

In the corporate world, when there’s a need to educate a target audience, we often resort to video communications. These videos could include training videos for new hires, new product/service launch videos, company profile video, videos targeting stakeholders etc. Such videos which are used for internal or external corporate messaging are Corporate Videos. Here are a couple of reasons explaining the need for Corporate Videos.

For Visibility

In this era of Information Technology, corporate firms invest a lot to gain maximum visibility, especially on the world wide web. Having a video on a company’s website can boost the amount of traffic to the website. This comes from the fact that a video could convey a large amount of information in a shorter time frame. Think about it! When in search of information of any kind, most of us resort to the most popular search engine Google without a second thought. And Google not only returns links in its search results but can also return Video results. Thus, a corporate video can help with the search engine optimisation of the company’s website.

For the benefit of different types of learners

There’s no doubt that many people prefer reading blogs and articles to gain insight into various topics. However, there’s another lot which prefers auditory or visual communication. So, you could either incorporate a video in your blog or have some text incorporated in the video and ultimately get the best of both worlds.

A platform to narrate your journey and build a brand.

Corporate Videos have the potential to connect with and inspire the viewer with some good graphics and a well-crafted narrative of the Company’s journey and what it does. This could serve as an excellent means to introduce the Company at an event or a conference. Corporate Videos can help to create brand awareness which is an important marketing strategy. Branding is a success when the Company has been able to retain its customers despite the stiff competition in the market. Corporate videos have the power to associate a Company’s brand with memories dear to the Viewer. This way, not only is a connection built, but chances of gaining customer loyalty too are pretty high.

Attract more leads

A quality Corporate Video can create an opportunity to draw potential customers. There are a couple of prominent social media platforms where sharing videos is a hassle-free task. This feature can be utilised to share Corporate Videos and promote what the Company intends to. This will also help the viewer to get a better understanding of the Company’s services or products. In the process of sharing these videos, the company is bound to get more customers.

Testimonials help make decisions

Customers often need some reviews or feedback before they make a purchase. Here again, you could create a Corporate Video of people giving testimonials about the company’s product. The more articulate the feedback, the better reception of the video. Such Corporate videos can influence people and help bring in more customers.

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