Mayur Bhat, the hand behind Fablesquare

Mayur Bhat, the hand behind Fablesquare


About Mayur

Mayur, the co-founder of Fablesquare has been instrumental in doubling the revenue and the number of clients consistently every year from 2015. At the age of 23, he started the Design, Video and Digital Marketing functions in FableSquare. He currently handles the creative direction and digital marketing. After securing his engineering degree, Mayur joined a leading Fortune 500 company, in the tech sales division for the North Americas. He was awarded for being the top salesman among 3000 agents from 5 countries. With his sharpened sales acumen, and always being inclined to the creative pursuits, he teamed up with his mother Mangal to start his own firm- Fablesquare, a full-service Marketing agency. The mother-son duo has always been passionate about story-telling and decided to make that the central element of the company’s ethos. He is a polymath with many pursuits and interests. His hunger for learning, and thirst for perfection, keeps him on the cutting edge of design and digital marketing. This allows him to be the front facing person and interact directly with every client. Mayur says, “I had initially set my sights on climbing up the corporate ladder, but sometimes things don’t go as you think they will. I always wanted to start something of my own, but I never thought I would do it right after my first job.”.

Mayur is a football player, a guitarist and vocalist, a public speaker, a photographer and videographer, and an active e-sports player. Mayur’s love for his company can only be beaten by his love for his pet Labrador. He is passionate about animal rescue.
He is fondly called ‘The Chief’ by his team.

Idea Behind Fablesquare

Mayur became well versed with the functions of sales in his previous job. This helped him understand what enables the sale and helps nudge the customer to finally make the buy. At the same time, his mother Mangal was consulting as a marketing strategist to SME’s across Bangalore. On one of their walks, they deliberated on the improvement of results for Mangal’s client companies and they surmised that the best results could be achieved by adding an execution wing to Fablesquare. Mayur and Mangal started Fablesquare as an influencer marketing agency, by leveraging the organic influencers of the organization to increase brand awareness. They introduced Content and Digital Marketing as part of their capabilities with the help of Kedar. They teamed up with Mayur’s classmate Izel, to introduce the design function to FableSquare’s Portfolio. In October of 2016, after a year of operation, a decision was made to rebrand the company to its current avatar as a full-service marketing agency, to provide the entire spread of marketing activities, from strategy to execution, all under one roof.

The journey till now

Over the past 3 years, Fablesquare has worked with over 70 clients on more than 175 projects. Its core philosophy is based on story-telling using out of the box thinking and visual communication elements. The emphasis is on helping clients craft their story clearly and vividly and amplify its reach to their target audience. Using organically gained influencers, we operate with a unique approach towards Influencer marketing. We now Design, Content, Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Influencer Marketing and a few more services. Fablesquare is currently a 13 member team with a strong design and digital marketing team.


Every client has bespoke needs, we give them the bespoke solution they deserve. FableSquare has worked with 70+ clients across 12 domains and is currently engaged with 10 active clients. Understanding the clients’ story, their problem and taking a creative approach towards solving them has helped Fablesquare garner trust. Tech Mahindra, Informatics, Inflow, Catalystor, Exxon Mobil, Tally, Barracuda are some of its marquee clients.


Fablesquare is bootstrapped and currently not raised external investments.

Future Plan

With a bold and passionate team, Fablesquare aims to become the go-to full-service marketing agency, to organizations across geographies, offering the entire gamut of services under the marketing umbrella.

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FableSquare bags Digital Marketing mandate for Inflow Technologies

FableSquare bags Digital Marketing mandate for Inflow Technologies


FableSquare, a full- service marketing agency from Bangalore bags the mandate for providing Digital marketing services to Inflow Technologies. The mandate includes social media strategy, content marketing, and Search Engine Optimisation.  For FableSquare this is a milestone achievement as they get to work with a large distributor like Inflow Technologies and showcase their expertise in the field of Digital Marketing.

Based in Bangalore, Inflow distributes IT and security products through a network of 1,400+ channel partners in India and South Asia.

Inflow has 13 years of expertise in being a value-added distributor for cybersecurity, networking, infrastructure and application software, storage management, electronic security products, and related products is looking forward to work with FableSquare as their digital marketing partner.


Mangal D Karnad, Co-founder, FableSquare said,We are glad to get this mandate and are keen to work with Inflow. Inflow being leaders in the value-added distributor space, we will have much potential to reach out to the market through storytelling, a mix of media channels and our efficient digital marketing strategies.”



Chetana Lobo, Senior Marcomm, Inflow Technologies said, “FableSquare team understands the long-term vision of Inflow, our values, and our business. Digital marketing is extremely crucial for IT Infrastructure Distribution provider today as it opens growth options for running the business. We really connected with the ideas and we look forward to this partnership.”


Source: | Dailyhunt

Voice of an organisation

Voice of an organisation


In today’s dynamic business environment, corporate communication has emerged as an integral part of every enterprise and offers ample job opportunities

Think of corporate communication as the voice of an organisation. It speaks internally, to employees, as well as externally, to suppliers, vendors, media, investors and other stakeholders. It speaks when things are going well in the corporation and when there is a crisis. As with all good and effective communication, it must be clear, consistent and controlled. There are many varying aspects of corporate communications, and they can all affect or contribute to an organisation’s reputation. Effective communication matters in today’s global economy as it serves as the conscience of the corporation and determines the organisation’s reputation especially since the need is to communicate across various socio-economic groups, languages and cultures that may be present within an enterprise.

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Source: Times of India – Education Special (NOIDA)

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